• What is AthenaSocial platform?

    The AthenaSocial (Athena) platform seeks to leverage the relationships that individuals in an enterprise have – to be used to enhance sales performance. This could be through better appreciation of a prospect’s needs and imperatives, understanding the approval structures, and finally securing warm introductions.

  • What are Trust Networks?

    Most real-world business transactions are undertaken once the two (or more) parties feel comfortable working with each other. This is the reason why it is challenging to build new relationships as comfort comes only when there is a base level of trust built in the relationship. Trust Networks are groupings of individuals to whom you could engage with on a foundation of trust.

    We believe that Trust Networks enable both parties to engage better and conclude faster on the bedrock of trust.

  • Why do you call the Trust Network as a ‘network of networks’?

    Our model for developing the Trust Network for enterprises is centered on the principles of privacy and control. This allows individuals to control the level of access and usage of their connections. This is structured as member level networks that are linked together.

  • How different is AthenaSocial from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software/platform?

    Our model is different from CRMs in two fundamentals ways

    1. CRMs are built around relationships between two organizations – our approach is to view enterprise relationships as an aggregation of individual relationships

    2. CRM’s are backward-looking systems of record that give a good sense of prior conversations. Athena’s relationship focus offers a view of the potential, given this context

    We believe that Athena could be used in concert with CRM systems.

  • How is AthenaSocial different from other collaboration products?

    Athena is NOT a generic collaboration product. Our focus is extremely targeted to the enterprise sales domain and within that, to Sales Intelligence and Warm Introductions. The platform has been engineered ground-up for delivering salesperson productivity, privacy and control. Also, our focus on incentives enables momentum to be sustained.

  • Is AthenaSocial, a social network or a social media platform for organizations?

    No. This is not a typical social media platform built around the paradigm of first and second-degree connections (or referred as a network graph). Our approach is to model this as a ‘network of networks’ – whereby individual trust relationships are aggregated to a group. Unlike the normal groups, the relationships are unidirectional and can be configured for strength and anonymity. We believe this structure is more suited for enterprises and aligns with individual needs for privacy and control.

  • Is AthenaSocial a contact database?

    No. In fact, Athena doesn’t even store details like phone numbers and email addresses that could lead to spam and aggressive outreach. We believe that value comes from genuine relationships and not such data that is available on contact lists.

  • I like the product but am not sure if my company is ready for this. Can I take the free trial?

    Absolutely. You get a free 28-day trial. No credit card required.

  • Can I switch members within the cap or am I locked to the individuals provided in the beginning?

    There is no lock-in on individual members. You would be charged for the number of seats at any point in time. To optimize on the packages, you could choose to replace members who are not interested with others who are.

  • I head Sales for a large company. Can I get started with the Starter Pack?

    No. We have created the ‘Small’ and ‘Business’ Pack to meet the unique needs of the small and medium business sector, in terms of features and modules. We recommend you start with the small package until you feel comfortable.

    Again, you can try risk-free for 28 days to evaluate whether the product meets your needs.

  • Can I opt out at any time? Is there any lock-in?

    There is no lock-in or commitment. The payment is made monthly in advance and you can stop the service at the end of any month.

  • How can I make payment?

    Currently, our Customer Success managers will be coordinating with you regarding payments to make the payment as seamless and easy for you as possible. We accept payments using bank transfer and PayPal.

  • What taxes do you charge?

    Our pricing is exclusive of any taxes that might be applicable. We will be very transparent around the applicable taxes and levies for your jurisdiction. Our Customer Success teams will be advising you on the specifics.

  • Where is this platform hosted?

    The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, with the benefits of scalability, resilience and localized data access, from data centers located globally. We are partnering closely with Microsoft’s experts to continuously enhance the platform for improved performance.

  • Why don’t you have a mobile version yet?

    That’s on our roadmap and we should be launching a mobile version shortly.

  • How will Athena help my organization connect to my prospects?

    As your sales members share their networks, it becomes available to other group members in a very controlled manner. Individuals can make requests directly or one-way blind (if the recipient chooses to be anonymous). This can allow improved insights on prospect needs that are not available in public domain, appreciation of decision-making structures within the prospect’s organization and securing warm introductions to the right candidate.

  • How will Athena help my sales organization achieve our quotas?

    While relationships are critical for most business transactions, less than 15% of the Trust Networks are actually tapped in most organizations. We believe this is an extremely valuable resource for most organizations – especially those where purchase decisions are via committee and tend to be complex.

    You may want to check out the diagnostic for more details around the potential value from Athena for your organization.

  • What is the ROI of using AthenaSocial?

    While the benefits depend on the market and organizational context, we estimate an 8-12X return on investments through improved intelligence, higher quality leads, and more strategic decision making.

  • Do you offer training to use the AthenaSocial platform?

    Our Customer Success managers will be available to address your questions and resolve any questions.

    Also, you might want to note that the platform has been designed by usability experts to be used without any training. The interface has been built to be very intuitive to use and we are constantly examining the usage patterns to improve the experience.

  • Our salespeople are very busy. What kind of time commitment should I expect from my team for AthenaSocial?

    We completely get it!! Your salespeople want to be able to get the support they need and move onto doing some selling.

    We will make it extremely light on your salespeople. They will need to spend around 5 minutes initially to share their initial connections. A typical search and request should take under 60 seconds.

    Unlike social network platforms, our model is to enhance your effectiveness. So we are not looking at keeping you on the site for any longer than necessary.

  • Do you share reporting on how useful AthenaSocial is to me?

    Yes. The dashboard gives you the relevant metrics. We provide usage and collaboration reports to premium customers.

  • I noticed that AthenaSocial offers free personal groups to my employees. How does it help me?

    Well – it gets your members to leverage their personal networks (alumni and social friends) to enable network discovery. We believe this can significantly expand your reach.

  • If there are technical issues, what kind of support do you offer?

    Our Customer Success managers will be available to address your questions and resolve any issue within 24 hours (including holidays and weekends). This will be through email, chat and telephonic conversations.

  • What platforms do you integrate with?

    We will integrate with authentication systems (Active Directory etc.) and most CRMs – Our objective is to keep this very seamless and achieve this without any disruption on your side.

  • How easy is it to deploy and use AthenaSocial?

    Super easy to deploy! After a quick 30 minute discussion, we will kick-off by identifying your company admin and setting the process for the groups to be built out. We expect the admin to spend around 10hrs a week for the first few weeks of the onboarding process. For the users, it will take just 5 minutes for the first time to get set and subsequently 60 seconds to search or request an introduction.

  • Does AthenaSocial need a huge technology integration?

    The platform is on cloud – so we can get started on deployment and usage without any need for integration with your systems. Overtime we can build Active Directory integration (for authentication) and with CRM systems.

If you have more questions, write to us at contact@athenasocial.com